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When In Doubt
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When In Doubt
5th Dec 2022, 6:00 AM in Welcome to Triassic Park!
Author Notes:
When in doubt, light something on fire.

Need a signal? Light something on fire.
Door locked? Light something on fire.
Too many enemies? Light something on fire.
Local lord refuses to pay you for your services? Light something on fire.
That annoying Bard won't stop following you around? Light HIM on fire.
Forest burning down? Light something else on fire!

Fire can solve most problems if you're willing to use enough of it.

See you all on Wednesday for another comic!
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User comments:
Oldarmourer (Guest)
Or as we said in D&D:
"when in panic, when in doubt,
cast a fireball, burn 'em out"
Then sift the ashes for gold coins and gems ;)
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